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Visit the Gallery!

Nancy's portfolio is vast and varied and her techniques and subject matter are constantly evolving. Check it all out in the gallery.

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art classes available

Art Classes

Students should not be forced into a creative mold, instead each person should be encouraged to develop their own style, path, and gifts.

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creative tiling services


Nancy is also a creative tiler... find out more about her projects and what she can do for your project!

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Local artists need, welcome and appreciate your support. Many (most) artists cannot afford to pursue their artistic passions full-time. But when they do find the time for anything art-related... well, it makes everything else better. (Sort of like what wine does.) And when you decide to share that passion by finding just the right place for the perfect piece—then you are supporting and encouraging them to keep going. So thanks!

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Be inspired.

An excellent way to stay up to speed with Nancy's art journey is to connect socially. As new works emerge, an artistic epiphany hits her, or a worthy share "in the name of art" moves her—you'll know all about it.

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